How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep Tonight and Every Night

Sleep is such a natural process, it’s difficult to understand why so many people suffer from sleep disorders and have problems sleeping at night.   The figures for people with insomnia are quite alarming. Apparently more than 20%  of  Americans have had difficulty sleeping at some stage of their lives. 

Do you also have problems sleeping at night?
If  you suffer from ill-health or have serious pain, this could be the reason for your insomnia. If this is so,  you you will need different advice and different remedies from those which are  offered in this article. But if you are in good health and don’t suffer from acute anxiety and stress, there’s  no reason why should not be able to get a good night’s sleep every night.
The most likely reason you have problems sleeping at nighgt is because you have developed a bad habit. People have good habits and bad habits. Not being able to sleep at night is a bad habit.
And, as we know, bad habits can be changed.
How do you  go about changing you  bad habit?   First of alll recognize that it is a bad habit that you would like to change.  Psychologists tell us that the best way to change a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit, or if you can’t change it with a really good  habit, replace it with a habit that is not as bad.

For example, a good way to stop smoking is to chew gum. Smoking is a bad habit because it causes health problems. Chewing gum is not nearly as harmful and  it takes your mind off the smoking habit.

A lot of people go to bed at night thinking about things that happened to them during the day or what they intend doing the next day.  They allow their thoughts to wander.  One image triggers off another and so it goes on. They establish a pattern and can’t sleep as a result.  This is  a bad habit.

How do you find a good habit to replace your bad habit of not falling asleep when you to bed?

Sometimes it’s quite simple. 

My wife used to have trouble sleeping at night, but she found a simple solution. Because she is interested in gardening, she makes a point of  reading  a chapter or two from a gardening book or magazine. 

These are not exciting or stimulating books, which would be a mistake. She has established a good habit that is almost a ritual.  She is able to fall asleep as soon as she has read the few chapters or looked at the few pages of a gardening magazine. Another good habit is to listen to a soothing, relaxing piece of music.   It’s a good idea to listen to the same pleasant piece of music every night.  The effect is similar to a conditioned reflex.   As a child your mother might have sung a particular little song to you – a lullaby that helped you fall asleep .good night image

Establish a routine of doing the same thing every night before going to bed.  Have a glass of warm milk and honey.  It’s not the milk that is going to make you fall asleep – although many believe milk does have that effect -it’s the good habit you have established.

How do you break the bad habit in the first place?    You have to take some form of positive action.   You have to associate the action with going to sleep at night. A very good idea is to first  study the mattress market, to find out where you can get the most comfortable mattress.  Before you buy a mattress, try a number of different  mattresses  and buy the most comfortable mattress you can find. Make sure the company delivers it to that day.

Focus your thoughts on the mattress you have bought for rest of the day.  In the evening go out with your partner to a restaurant to celebrate your purchase of this mattress.  Enjoy a good meal.  Speak about the new mattress you have bought. Then go to a place where you both can enjoy excellent entertainment.   Don’t stay out too late.  Retire fairly early to bed.

Keep the memory of the pleasant event and the pleasant evening you have spent fresh in your mind when you go to bed.  Close your eyes sleep and keep thinking about the very enjoyable evening you spent and how comfortable the mattress is.

You will enjoy a very good night sleep.   Now you know that you can do it!   You have made a start in breaking your bad habit.    Every night you go to bed for the next week focus your mind on the pleasant evening you spent.

What you have done is created something similar to a conditioned reflex. Sleeping well, every night and enjoying a good night sleep every night will soon become an excellent habit.

These little tricks will work very well if your insomnia is not serious.  If however, you have been suffering from insomnia for a long time, the problem is not so easy to solve.  You will need to take more positive action to end your insomnia and solve your sleep problems.

To find effective solutions for chronic cases of insomnia from which you have suffered for a long time,  

How to get a good night’s sleep tonight and every night
by Dennis Fisher.

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