Milwaukee Ad Design – Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

“How am I supposed to make an offer?” Hey, I can’t make an offer in Print! We don’t make offers in the public media. That’s why we have our super sales people on the floor. Ads are just to get our brand out there so people will think of us when they buy stuff. Generally thought to be true. But as Doctor Phil would say “How’s that working out for you guy?” read more

In other words why leave something out of your ads that works in person. So get your mind a’whirling. What can you OFFER in an ad that stops and grabs people attention? For one, you can offer your services , say , only to business people. Or only to homeowners. Or you only offer to build the best darn redwood decks on the south side of town.

But why leave out the north side? I can tell you why.

There is one guy who operates a truck cleaning business. They never take on new customers located off the normal route!


But on that route … they clean up! (pun…sorry)

By limiting the customer base, they service the established customers right on schedule, every week. And get paid nicely. If there is any extra time, they show up early for the next client.

Now, what to do if your margins are really slim?

Lifetime value, that’s the point. Don’t even bother to give away free samples and cut your profits or offer special deals if you don’t have a written plan on your desk as to how to have that same customer for back again and again for life.

If your don’t have enough staff to answer the phones when a call comes in from your ads then, then hire a professional maid or a butler. Those people have training and understand about who it is that’s calling…. ROYALTY. Let your customer know in your ad that you don’t deal with Riff-Raff, slackers, and price shoppers in your world. Price shoppers are just going to weasel the lowest price out of you and never return.

When you design your advertising keep in mind who your “Perfect Customer” is. That would be someone who will be around a long time. Think specific and plan to give that person the kind of royal, personal treatment that almost nobody gives these days. The kind that keeps them coming back for more.