Vespa Scooters

Vespa is one of the oldest known names in scooters, partly because of their long run in the industry. For nearly 60 years Vespa scooters have been manufactured and used as a primary or secondary from of transportation. Originally an Italian company, Vespa scooters were designed to replace bicycles for a better means of transportation. The name Vespa is translated into “wasp” in English, which was what the original body style resembled. Several Vespa scooter models still made have similarities to the original body design, but still many other designs have been made through the company. Vespa club Nederland

The smallest and least powerful Vespa scooters have 50 cc engines while the largest and most powerful engines from Vespa are 200 cc. Vespa scooter engines of all sizes in between are also made to accommodate every type of driver. Since the beginning of Vespa scooters their popularity has spread across the world. Other companies have bought licenses to manufacturer and distribute Vespa scooters in nearly every country. Their popularity grew in part because of the convenient transportation alternative Vespa scooters originally created in cities and countries that greatly needed them to continue growth.

Though new models of Vespa scooters are still being designed and sold, the older, original models have become a valued
possession, now considered vintage. Vintage Vespas are yypically those that have the first designed body style.

Long-time supporters of Vespa scooters look to purchase older Vespa models so they can refurbish them and show off their new looking vintage Vespa. Vintage Vespas are not only valuable because of likeness; they are valuable monetarily as well, which is the main appeal to some collectors.

The parent company of Vespa scooters is Paggio who, in 2000, certified several Vespa Vintage Restoration Shops. These
restoration locations where certified because Paggio saw that each shop had a keen and familiar understanding of mechanically working with old or vintage Vespa scooters as well as with the newer models. There are unique servicing methods and requirements for Vespa scooters, along with old designs of parts that need special attention. The certified Vespa Vintage shops are where the company recommends you take your vintage scooter to ensure quality service.

Through the Vespa scooter catalog you can order Vespa Vintage parts for remodeling old Vespas. The parts are certified original because they are made from the original drawings used to design the first Vespa scooters. Parts for other Vespa scooters can be purchased through the Vespa catalog or from scooter parts retailers online. For extreme advocates of Vespa scooters, new or vintage, there are Vespa clubs in some cities that help bring together those with common interests.

Online Vespa scooter sites provide a medium to contribute your thoughts or questions about Vespa scooters. These
sites offer all varieties of information about Vespa, such as events involving the Vespa brand of scooters, releases of the newest models and books or other publications with Vespa scooter information. Beginner and experienced information can be found at the numerous Vespa scooter sites to help Vespa owners keep up with the latest.