Retirement In Jeopardy

Enron and United Airlines and so many more are specific examples of the reasons your retirement is in jeopardy.

Lets throw in two more examples, Social Security and “Mother Nature”.

An upcoming worry is General Motors. Once said to have been the world’s third largest economy, now has rumors floating of bankruptcy.

How are individuals like you and I going to be able to retire? Where and who do we trust?

The “who” do you trust must be you! The “where”, we will discuss that later.

Lets discuss the “who do you trust” question right now. I told you that the answer was “you”! You have within that round globe sitting on top of your shoulders, all the computing power you need. And, if you can add two and two together and get four, you computing power is much greater than any of the corporations mentioned above.

Think about that last statement for a bit. Reread the paragraph above again. Now take a brief break from reading. Grab yourself a drink, take a walk around the yard, or just listen to the radio and think back over the last fifteen years and how many time have you expressed the thought “those poor people” who have been involved in any of the opening examples.

Welcome back.

How is it that so many people have lost everything they worked so hard for over so many years?

Greed and a lack of faith are the reasons. Do you remember the many times quoted golden rule, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”?

No, do not change that to the more common altered version! That is a reflection of a total lack of faith and the ultimate version of greed. If we, as a human race, are to survive we must change the attitude of how we interact with other people.

We must also relearn the most very basics of mathematics. One plus one equals two. There are only twelve months in a year consisting of either 364 or 365 days, which are only 24 hours long.

Lets pretend for a moment ok. You live in a large city earning $6 per hour or less. It would be almost impossible to pay rent even on a one-bedroom efficiency apartment (if you could find one) and still eat.

Now add a family to that equation. Or say you live outside of the city and must commute to work. The month starts getting scary.

Oh no! The car quit on the way to work and your told you need an engine replacement. Labor cost are $65-$120 per hour and they tell you it will take about 18 hours to replace the engine. You will be without your car all week.

You do the math. Your income has not allowed you to build any savings. You most likely will need to visit a loan company for the money to have your car fixed and in doing so, you increase the demands on your very meager budget.

So you take an extra job to carry you through the rough time ahead.

How are you, in this situation, even consider retirement? It will never happen! If you cannot make it work now, Social Security will not work either. You must continue to work.

I mentioned greed above. The most current example of this is the report of medicine cost world wide compared to what we pay for the same product, same manufacture, here in the US. The major networks are reporting (June ’05) we pay twice what others do and in some cases, much more. Why?

Is it that as a US Citizen, we have more disposable income?

What causes inflation? Greed or Unions or is it a combination of both? Why does it cost more today to make a car than it did just 15 years ago? What was it that happened in ’71 to raise the cost of a car by almost 33%? Was it greed or the Unions?

Anyone remember the strike Kroger Grocery Stores underwent in 2004? If I had owned Kroger Grocery Stores, I would have shut them down, changed the name, and then reopened as a non-union business. If I own a business, why must I accept dictation as to how much I pay my employees? Is it not a free world?

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