Setting Up Your First Nude Shoot

The Nude

The nude has been a staple subject matter for painters, sculptors and photographers alike. You just have to look at ancient Greek art, paintings of the impressionist period and the photography of Helmut Newton to see it has been a rich source of inspiration for artists down the years. nude cams

Why is this subject so alluring? Maybe its because of the purity of working with the human form, without the hindrance of clothing to cover up the flaws and imperfections of the human body or the challenge and excitement of the artist/model relationship when one side is exposed for all to see.

So how does one go about arranging a nude shoot? First of all you need to find a willing model. You choice here will be smaller than for non-nude modelling. Sites like model mayhem or Craigslist will be your first port of call. Their profiles will often state whether the model will participate in nude modelling. Another option is to call your local art college to see if they have contacts for nude models available.

But even if the model does do nudes, there are several sub-genres which you need to consider. Some may do art but not glamour nudes. In general, art nudes are more in line with the classical styles that aims to show the forms and lines of the human body in its purest form. Glamour nudes on the other hand are usually shot to titillate the viewer (usually male). Although strictly not pornographic, this genre usually involves the model in a state of undress or wearing lingerie/underwear. You need to decide what style you want to pursue and choose your model accordingly.

Once you’ve located a model its a good idea to show samples of model poses you are trying to create to avoid any surprises. Its not uncommon to find that TFP models will charge for nude shoots so this cost may need to be accounted for.

At the shoot itself, its best to keep the crew to a minimum as a sign of respect for the model. The people on set should all have a job to do and not just spectators.

The model should have a gown on hand for covering up in between sets and if not you should provide one. Professional nude models will be used to posing so you should not feel awkward giving directions.

Of course be courteous as always and have regular breaks during the shoot.

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